Undergraduate Programmes

The following undergraduate majors and qualifications are offered:

Classical Civilisation

Classics is in general terms the study of ancient civilisations, particularly those of ancient Greece and Rome. The discipline offers three study-routes, which can be followed independently or in combination through the BA and the BSocSc (General Studies) degrees

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Ethics Studies

Ethics Studies deals in an inter-disciplinary way with behaviour, traditions and institutions that seek to foster that which is judged to be right and good by society’s main value-systems, drawing on historical, comparative, philosophical and scientific insights, with a strong emphasis on applied ethical issues.

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Philosophy means the love of wisdom. Students of Philosophy explore ideas about our world and ourselves, examining them systematically and critically, in order to work out what we should believe. Philosophy gives you the opportunity to carefully question, think about, write about, and discuss fundamental aspects of your existence.

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The study of Religion encompasses the scientific study of the major world religions in context. Focused on the African continent, it engages the study of religious phenomena in terms of the significance of their historical, ritual, moral, organizational and belief systems.

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