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Paul Decock

Paul Decock


Honorary Professor


Biblical Studies


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Pietermaritzburg Campus

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Degrees Held

  • MA(Biblical Studies), University of Natal;
  • ThD (Biblical Studies) Gregorian University, Rome.

Research Interests

  • Jewish and Early Christian Apocalyptic literature
  • History of biblical interpretation, Judaism and Early Christianity
  • Biblical Hermeneutics
  • Philo of Alexandria; Origen
  • Early Christian Spirituality
  • New Testament Books: Luke-Acts; Book of Revelation; Gospel of John


  • 1991: Hartin, P J, Connor, B F
    & Decock P B (eds). Becoming a creative local Church: Theological
    reflections on the Pastoral Plan. Pietermaritzburg: Cluster Publications.  List this here
  • 1981:  The Understanding of Isaiah 53:7-8 in Acts 8:32-33. Neotestamentica 14, 111-133
  • 1993: The reading of sacred texts in the context of Early Christianity. Neotestamentica 27, 263-283
  • 1999: Some issues in apocalyptic in the exegetical literature of the last decade. Neotestamentica. 33, 1-33.
  • 2003: The truth or falsity of myths in Origen of Alexandria. Acta Patristica et Byzantina, 14,112-135.
  • 2005: On the Value of Pre-Modern Interpretation of Scripture for Contemporary Biblical Studies. Neotestamentica 39 (1), 57-74.
  • 2008: Jerome’s turn to the Hebraica Veritas and his rejection of the traditional view of the Septuagint. Neotestamentica42, 205-222.
  • 2008: Allegorizing: The relevance of an old method of interpretation. Acta Theologica. Supplementum 11, 1-19.
  • 2010: Origen’s Christian Approach to the Song of Songs, Religion & Theology 17, 13-25.
  • 2011: Origen’s Theological and Mystical Approach to the Scriptures in the Introduction to His Commentary on John’s Gospel, in In die Skiflig 45 (2&3),673-688.
  • 2011: Origen of Alexandria: The Study of the Scriptures as Transformation of the Readers into Images of the God of Love, HTS Teologiese Studies/ Theological Studies 67(1), Art. #871, 8 pages. DOI: 10.4102/hts.v67i1.87 
  • 2013: Discernment in Origen of Alexandria. Acta Theologica: Supplementum, 17:189-208.
  • 2015: Philo of Alexandria: A Model for Early Christian ‘Spiritual Readings’ of the Scriptures. HTS Teologiese Studies / Theological Studies Vol 71, No 1, 8 pages. doi: 10.4102/hts.v71i1.3069,
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  • 2007: The Bible in the Life of Church in the South African Context. Pages 27-37 in Human Wisdom and Divine Wisdom: Biblical Readings in the Context of the Church in Africa. Proceedings of the Twelfth Congress of the Panafrican Association of Catholic Exegetes. Edited by Jean-Bosco Matand Bulembat. Nairobi: Panafrican Association of Catholic Exegetes,
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  • 2009: Hostility against the Wealth of Babylon: Revelation 17:1-19:10. in Animosity, the Bible, and Us: Some European, North American, and South African Perspectives. Edited by John T. Fitzgerald, Fika J. van Rensburg, and H. F. van Rooy. (Global Perspectives on Biblical Scholarship 12). Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, pp. 263-286.
  • 2010: The Reception of the Letter to Philemon in the Early Church: Origen, Jerome, Chrysostom, and Augustine. Pages 273-287 in Philemon in Perspective: Interpreting a Pauline Letter.      Edited by D.F. Tolmie, (ISBN 978-3-11-022173-2). (Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für die neutestamentliche Wissenschaft und die Kunde der älteren Kirche, 169), Berlin: Walter de Gruyter.
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  • 2016: The Influence of Origen on Bernard of Clairvaux’s Sermons on the Song of Songs: The interpretation of Cant 2:4b. Pages 405-414 in Origeniana Undecima. Origen and Origenism in the History of Western Thought, edited by A.-C. Jacobsen, ISBN 978-90-429-3307-1, Leuven: Peeters (BETL 279).


  • Raymond Razafimahatratra: Application of Some Basic Methods in Exegesis of Romans 6:1-14: Textual, Philological-Grammatical, Structural Approaches, and Reader Response (graduated 2005).
  • Sean Collins: The Attitude of the Fathers of the Church to the Jews in Origen (Graduated 2005).
  • Rolf E Schmidt, The New Jerusalem in the Book of Revelation. (Graduated 2007).
  • Susan Bronkhorst: The Holy Spirit in St. Athanasius. (Graduated 2009).
  • Gilbert Zenda: The phenomenon of small house in Zimbabwe: A contradiction of Genesis 2: 18-24. (Graduated 2009).
  • Laureen  Confait, An Exegetical Study of the Gospel of John 15:1-8 (Graduated 2015).
  • Michael Emmanuel Ndau, A contextual reading of Origen’s and St Augustine’s views on Love (EROS) in our present context of advertising (Graduated 2015).
  • Raymond Razafimahatratra: The Sustaining Power of the Bible to the Martyrs of Madagascar from 1828 to 1861: A Historical and Hermeneutical Analysis. (graduated Cum Laude 2006).
  • Joseph Mukuna: Language and Theology: A Case Study of the Metaphor of Breathing in John 20: 22. (graduated 2012)
  • May Miller, Returning Mary Magdalene to the Gospel Pages (graduated 2015 Cum Laude) (with Prof. Susan Rakoczy as Joint Supervisor).
  • Eduard Kitoko Nsiku: Understanding the Concept of God’s Pathos: One of the Keys for the Religious and Socio-Political Transformations of the Sub-Saharan Part of Africa Since 1960. (Co-supervisor with Prof. Gerald West; graduated 2003).
  • Humphrey Waweru: A Critical Analysis of the Vision of the New Jerusalem in Revelation 21:9-22:5 in Light of the Kikuyu Concept of Dreams and Visions. (With Prof. J.A. Draper as co-supervisor: graduated 2006).
  • Luke G. Mlilo: John the Baptist in Luke-Acts. (Co-supervisor with Prof. J.A. Draper; Graduated  in 2007)
  • Sylvester David: A Retrospective and a Prospective Reading of Jn 1:1-18 Using the Method of Biblical Rhetorical Analysis. (Graduated 2012).
  • Joseph Nzita Mavinga: The semah sedaqah of Jeremiah 33:15 and Its Significance for the Congolese Church. (Graduated in 2009).
  • Zaihita Zaihita: The Understanding of Humility (anawa) in the Book of Proverbs and its Relevance in the Context of the Malagasy People. (graduated in 2012).
  • Bruk Ayele Asale: 1 Enoch in Jude and in EOC Canon: Developing a Proper Understanding of Second Temple Period Literature (STL) in Ethiopian Churches for a better understanding of each other and mutual cooperation (graduated 2015).

Community Involvement

  • Directing retreats
  • Spiritual direction of members of the surrounding communities
  • Chaplaincy to the Italian Prisoner of War Memorial Church, PMB

Teaching Expertise

  • Biblical Studies
  • Early Christian Literature