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Herbert Moyo

Herbert Moyo


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Pietermaritzburg Campus

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External Research Profile

Degrees Held

  • PhD – The investigation of the theological implications for the practical pastoral ministry of the evangelical Lutheran church in Zimbabwe posed by the political and socio-economic decline in Zimbabwe (1980 – 2008)
  • Masters in Theology –  Jesus is HIV positive: Listening with compassion to the HIV positive people through Clinical Pastoral Counselling.
  • Honours – Christian Education for Social Transformation: A Critical Analysis of KZNCC teaching methods in Religion and Governance workshops
  • Diploma in Education

Research Interests

  • The response (or possible response) of the church to a variety of religious, socio-economic and political developments
  • Pastoral responses to suffering/trauma such as HIV and political violence

Teaching Interests

  • Pastoral care in a variety of socio-economic and political contexts
  • Christianity in a context of African Indigenous Religions and politics
  • Death and dying in church and indigenous cultures
  • Homiletics, liturgy and worship in the African context bedeviled with suffering
  • Apologetics
  • Clinical Pastoral Education

Selected Publications

  • Moyo, H. (Ed). Pastoral Care in a Globalised World: African and European Perspectives. (Pietermaritzburg: Cluster Publications, 2015), pages 1-304
  • Moyo, H. (2007). Jesus is HIV positive: Listening with compassion to the HIV positive through Clinical Pastoral Counseling. (Saarbrücken:  Lambert Academic Publishing).
  • Moyo, H. “The Traditionalization of Menopause among the Karanga of Zimbabwe and the Shangaan Tsonga of Mozambique in a Context of HIV”. Alternation 23,2 (2016) 250 – 265
  • Moyo, H. “The Luther Decade on Reformation and Politics”. SAGE Open6(2) 2016, p.2158244016636428.
  • Moyo, H and Chisale, SS. “Church Discipline as Virginity Testing: Shaping Adolescent Girls’ Sexuality in the Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Africa”. Alternation 23,2 (2016) 89 – 104  (Co-authored with Dr Sinenhlanhla S Chisale -UNISA) -50% contribution.
  • Moyo, H and Mujinga, M. “Healing Ministry of the Church: An Investigation into the Engagement and/or Disengagement of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe (MCZ) on HIV and AIDS”. Alternation 23,2 (2016) 44 – 63 (Co-authored with Rev Martin Mujinga –UKZN PhD student)
  • Moyo, H., 2016. For Freedom or Bondage: A Critique of African Pastoral Practices. Black Theology14(1), pp. 86-87.
  • Moyo, H. and Okyere-Manu, B. “HIV, AIDS, Sex and Sexualities in Africa”. Alternation 23,2 (2016) 1 – 9. (Co-authored Editorial with Dr Beatrice Okyere-Manu – UKZN) – 50% contribution
  • Moyo, H., 2015, ‘Pastoral care in the healing of moral injury: A case of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’, HTS Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies71(2), Art. #2919, 11 pages.
  • Moyo, H. The Importance of the Physicality of the Bible in African Churches. Journal of Theology for Southern Africa 153 (November 2015), 128-140
  • Moyo, H. “Gendered Mourning and Grieving rituals amongst the Jahunda people of Zimbabwe as a Challenge to the Pastoral Care Ministry of the Church”.  Black Theology, 12 No. 3, November, 2014), 213–229.
  • Moyo, H. “Dual observances of African Traditional Religion and Christianity: Some implications for Pastoral Care in the Pluralistic Religious Worldview of the Ndebele People of Matabo in Zimbabwe”. Journal of Theology for Southern Africa Number 148 March 2014), 115-132
  • Moyo, H. “Religion and African Indigenous knowledge systems; Healing and communal reconstruction in African communities”. Alternation special Edition -No. 11, 2013) 207-236.
  • Moyo, H. “Caught between a Rock and a hard place: The politics of Homosexuality and the response of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zimbabwe (ELCZ)”, Journal of Gender and religion in Africa Volume 18, 1, July 2012 –pgs155-167.
  • Moyo, H. “The Church and the Media: A Great Round Table?” Journal of Theology for Southern Africa, 142 (March 2012), 151-152
  • Moyo, (2010 ). Research On The Response Of The Main Line Churches To Homosexuality In South Africa. (Pietermaritzburg: KZNCC –, Sick and Dying in Zimbabwe 2009, The Lutheran Forum Volume 43 No. 3 pages 46-49.
  • Moyo, H. (2007). The Situation in Zimbabwe: Shortage. Theological Review,  December 2007 -LWF Institute for Ecumenical Research – Strasbourg
  • Moyo, H. (2016). “Pastoral Theology: Its role and Relevance in African Christianities.” In Anthology of African Christianity, Edited by Phiri, IA, Wermer, D, Kaunda, C and Owino, K. (Oxford: Regnum Books International and WCC, 2016), pages 986-992.
  • Moyo, H. (2015). “The Changing Face of Religions in Southern Africa”. In Religious Identity and Renewal in the Twenty-First century: Christian and Moslem explorations. Edited by (LWF and Evangelische Verlagsanstalt: Leipzig and Geneva), pages 161-167.
  • Moyo, H. (2015). “Jesus is HIV positive: The body of Christ has AIDS – mitigating stigma and discrimination”. In  Pastoral Care in a Globalised World: African and European Perspectives, Edited by Moyo, H. (Pietermaritzburg: Cluster publications, 2015), pages 13-37
  • Moyo, H. (2015). Editorial introduction, the conference that produced the book: An overview (Pietermaritzburg: Cluster publication, 2015) xix – xxxii.
  • Moyo, H. (2015). “The embryonic identity of a pastor in Southern Africa”.  In  Pastoral Care in a Globalised World: African and European Perspectives, Edited by Moyo, H. (Pietermaritzburg: Cluster publications, 2015), pages 13-37 
  • Liturgy and Justice in Postcolonial Zimbabwe: Holy People, Holy Places, Holy Things in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zimbabwe, in Liturgy and Postcolonialism: an Introduction. Edited by Cl á udio Carvalhaes   (Chicago: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015) 95 -106.


Community Involvement

  • Doing Clinical Pastoral Education workshops in the SADC region  for church leaders capacitating them with skills and knowledge to respond to human suffering/trauma especial around HIV and AIDS, Political violence, death and dying, unemployment and drug abuse.

Teaching Expertise

  • Clinical Pastoral Counselling
  • Pastoral care in a variety of socio-economic and political contexts
  • Research proposal development

Student Supervision

  • 213574504 Songelwayo Walter Chibambo
  • 215048049 Johannes Haufiku
  • 215073354 Bitrus Bawa Yusuf
  • 215081660 Nyaradzai Mandevhana
  • 216040398 Sylvia Mukuka
  • 216050390 Terence Mupangwa
  • 216076111 Sibonginkosi Hove
  • 942400304 Lawrence Themba Khanyile
  • 216076823 Mirirayi Knowledge
  • 203507843 Mhaka Vushebwashe
  • 210553972 Thandi Goodness Mngoma
  • 213565338 Athol Paul Abrahams
  • 2215082579 Trust Moyo
  • 14584042 Selom Klu
  • 212558283 Dumisani Joshua Nxumalo
  • 206501803 Victor Ntombela
  • 206524424 Thembalethu Mchunu
  • 217009148 Morgan Ngwaru
  • 217075334 Tongesayi Katsvairo
  • 205505457 Wiseman Sibiya
  • 207527831 Phumulani Majozi
  • 214538913 Mbongiswa Shezi
  • 217010578 Andile Nokwindla
  • 217073096 Viwe Mkhunyana
  • 217080173 Nhlonipho Mdletshe
  • 217080649 Khonjelwayo Mthunzi
  • 203508427 Nsele, David N