School of Religion, Philosophy & Classics

Cherry Muslim


  • Details

  • Position Lecturer;
  • Discipline Religion;
  • CampusHoward College Campus
  • Office Address3rd floor MTB

Degrees Held   

  • Presently reading towards my Phd; PGCE; Islamic Studies

Research Interests:

  • Cherry Muslim fills the Islamic Studies post within Religion. My background was ‘theologically’ based for 16 years until I moved into acadaemia. My research interests are closely related to my experiences within the local Durban, South African Muslim community. As such, I research the areas of conversion, identity and all issues relating to gender.
  • Other research interests are linked to my teaching portfolio and include: the environment, development, and more recently media. The concept of social media, counterpower and communicative power for Muslim women is the core focus for my Phd.

Teaching Interests:

I teach the following modules:

  • Religion and Media
  • Religion and the Environment
  • Religion and Development
  • Islamic Texts and Traditions
  • Islamic Institutions in South Africa
  • Co-teach in a number of other modules where I cover the Islamic sections
  • Religion, Gender & Sexuality (Honours)

My philosophy of teaching is based on the premise that knowledge is holistic and does not pertain to mere content in the prescribed readings. Application of knowledge and well-rounded education is vitally important to develop responsible, productive and intelligent citizens in society.

Community Involvement:

  • Work within the Muslim community primarily through assisting Islamic organisations at different functional levels; Theological education for women who accept Islam.

Teaching Expertise:

  • Islam, environment, gender

Student Supervision (Honours, Matser, PhD …):

  • PG supervision is a growing part of my work. I enjoy the intellectual platform that supervising PG students facilitates and I look forward to supervising students who see the value in undertaking PG studies in Religion – especially within my fields of interest and research.