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Monique Whitaker

Dr Monique Whitaker

Monique Whitaker


Discipline Philosophy


Contact Number 033-260-5578

Campus Pietermaritzburg Campus


Monique Whitaker BA(Hons), MA (UCT), MA, PhD (CUNY) is a Lecturer in the School of Religion, Philosophy, & Classics (Philosophy) at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Her current research focus is on the epistemology of ignorance, especially its application to the South African case. She also has research interests in the epistemology and ethics of technology; the metaphysics of modality; and women philosophers of the European Early Modern period.

Her doctoral dissertation, The C3 Conditional: A Variably Strict, Ordinary-Language Conditional, was supervised by Distinguished Professor Graham Priest (City University of New York Graduate Center) and awarded in June 2016. It provides a comprehensive account of the logical structure underlying the varied everyday usage of the ordinary-language conditional, using a novel possible worlds semantics. Monique also has a keen interest in the pedeagogy of philosophy, and has written and presented on strategies to help retain typically marginalised students in philosophy.

Degrees Held

  • BA(Hons)
  • MA (UCT)
  • MA
  • PhD (CUNY)