School of Religion, Philosophy & Classics

Carin, Robinson

Carin, Robinson


Discipline Philosophy

Campus Pietermaritzburg Campus

Office Address 303 New Arts Building, Golf Road, Scottsville, Pietermaritzburg, 3209

Degrees Held

  • Philosophy Honours, UKZN, 2006 
  • Philosophy Masters, UKZN, 2008 
  • Philosophy PhD, UKZN, 2016 

Research Interest

  • Philosophy of Language: Realism/anti-realism debate construed as semantic theories, theories on truth and meaning,   
  • Epistemology: Epistemic and semantic distinctions as the chief focus of the debate between logical positivist and naturalist empiricist philosophers – historical to current, Carnap and Quine and philosophy in the wake of their departure from each other 
  • Naturalism and its theoretical underpinnings, strengths and weaknesses; the role of empirical revision as a demarcation criterion for analytic and synthetic truth in the work of Quine and other Naturalistic philosophers 
  • Logical positivism from late Carnap to current – especially as reviewed recently by Michael Friedman

Teaching Interest

  • Philosophy of Language: Dummettian anti-realism in semantics and anti-realism as the foundations of metaphysics 
  • Philosophy of Science: The philosophical method and critical reflections on science, realism and anti-realism in science 
  • Epistemology: Logical positivism and Naturalism – two forms of philosophical empiricism, analytic-synthetic distinction, a priori-a posteriori distinction  
  • Political philosophy: Marxism, theories of justice, social contract theory 

Selected Publications

Community Involvement