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Munyaradzi Felix Murove

Munyaradzi Felix Murove


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Pietermaritzburg Campus

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External Research Profile

Degrees Held

  • BTh (Hons) – Urbanian University
  • MA- University of Natal
  • Doctorate – Univerity of South Africa (UNISA)

Research Interests

  • African Ethics
  • Comparative Ethics
  • Economic Ethics
  • Business Ethics
  • Bioethics
  • Accounting Ethics
  • Ethics and Politics
  • Peace and Security Ethics
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Professional Ethics
  • Theological Ethics

Research Interests

  • African Ethics
  • Business Ethics
  • Comparative Ethics
  • Bioethics
  • Ethics and Politics
  • Professional Ethics
  • Ethics of Power


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Teaching Expertise

  • Ethics Studies 101 (Applied Global Ethics)
  • Ethics Studies 102 (Life, Sexuality and Death)
  • Business Ethics for Accountants and Auditors (MGT2BE)
  • Religious Studies 101 (Introduction to Christianity and African Christianity)
  • Religion and Ethics 316 (African Bioethics)
  • Ethics Studies 303 (African Ethics & the Post-Colonial Condition
  • Ethics Studies 302 (Ethics of Power)
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility ETHS 700
  • Comparative and Applied Ethics ETHS703 & ETHS 803
  • Religion, Ethics and Governance MGT 539


  • Walter Kawisi “An inquiry on the contribution of corruption to africa’s under development: A critical study based on African social ethics” (Degree Awarded April 2019)
  • Mbongiswa Praisegod Shezi “The status of the body in African Moral thought : The moral case for organ donation” (Degree Awarded April 2019)
  • Ayanda, Qondeni Zikhali “The ethical issues involved in organ donation and the various opinions in organ transplant in SA” (Degree Awarded April 2019)
  • Mr Augustine Menegbor, MA “The Compatibility of African Humanistic Values and Capitalistic Values” (Degree awarded April 2010).
  • Mr Samson Tembinkosi Zondi MA “Tenders and Corruption in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Rethinking African Ethics as a Panacea to Corruption” (Degree awarded April 2013).
  • Mr Myke Mwale, MA “Global Warming Discourse and the Economic Dilemma of Sustainability: The Potential Contribution of African Ethics” (Degree Awarded April 2014).
  • Dr Okyere-Manu’s PhD thesis titled: “Ethical Challenges faced by African Women in Economic Development: South African Women’s Participation in the Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) Policy” [Degree was awarded in April 2011].
  • Dr Nneka Ifeoma Okafor thesis titled: “Institutionalised Violence and Discrimination against Women in Eastern Nigeria: An Ethical Approach” (Degree awarded April 2014)
  • Dr CG Chiwenga, thesis titled: “The Predominance of an Ethic of Double Standards in the United Nations Security Council Humanitarian Intervention Missions: A Critical Study based on the Ethical Concepts of Mutual Aid and Equal Recognition” (Degree Awarded April 2015)
  • Dr Wisdom Otaluka, Thesis title: “The Cultural Roots of Corruption: An Ethical Investigation with Particular Reference to Nepotism” (Degree Awarded April 2017).
  • Dr Engelbert Rugeje, Thesis title: “Recurring Conflict in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo: The search for a Regional Conflict Transformation Mechanism Premised on the Concepts of Collective Security and the African Concept of Ubuntu” (Degree Awarded in September 2017).
  • Herbert Chingono, Thesis title: “A Critical Study of the Ethical Challenges of the United Nations Peace-keeping Missions and National Sovereignty in Africa with specific Reference to Congo, Somalia, Rwanda and Suddan” (Degree awarded in September 2017).
  • Panganai Kahuni, Thesis title: “The Security Sector Reform Debate in Post-Independent Africa South of the Sahara: A Critical Ethical Investigation based on the Concepts of Sovereignty and Anarchy” (Degree awarded in September 2017).
  • Michael Chaminuka, Thesis title: “Military Humanitarian Interventions with Reference to Developing Countries: A Critical Ethical Study on the Role of Self-Interest” (Degree Awarded in April 2018).
  • Peter Muchakazi, “The Ethical Dilemma of the Imposition of Economic Sanctions as a Deterrent Tool against a sovereign State: Acritical Analysis with reference to Cuba, Iraq and Zimbabwe” (Degree Awarded in September 2018).
  • Dr Denson Muvandi, “The Accountancy Profession and its Professional and Social Responsibility: A Systems Theoretical Approach to Social and Ethical Accounting” (Degree Awarded in September 2018).
  • Christopher Mushohwe, “Ethics, Governance and Leadership and the Rise of African Nationalism in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Critical Study” (Degree Awarded in April 2019).
  • Martin Rushwaya,Indigenisation/Black Economic Empowerment and the Appropriation of the Spirit of Capitalism in Post-Colonial Africa: A Critical Study on the Emergence of African Business Ethics” (Degree Awarded in April 2019).