School of Religion, Philosophy & Classics

Beatrice Okyere-Manu


  • Details

  • Position Senior Lecturer
  • Discipline Ethics
  • CampusPietermaritzburg Campus
  • Office AddressRoom 310, New Arts Building

Degrees Held

  • PhD

Research Interests

  • These include Issues in the area of HIV and AIDS, Gender and Sexuality, Environmental ethics, Ethics and Gender, Women in Economic development

Teaching Interests

  • Environmental philosophy and Ethics (2nd year)
  • Ethics of Power (2nd year)
  • Feminist Ethics (Honours)
  • Environmental Ethics (Honours)
  • Ethical issues in HIV and AIDS(Masters)
  • Gender and Sexuality (3rd year)
  • Principles of Development (2nd year)

Publications / Selected Publications


  • The challenge of undesirable Sexual experiences among Teenage girls, the hidden and a growing epidemic in most communities in Pietermaritzburg in South Africa: rethinking the Christians response. In Justice not Silence: Churches facing sexual and Gender-based Violence. Eds Ezra Chitando and Sophia Chirongoma. (EFSA: Sun Press
  • Colonial Mission and the Great Commission in Africa. In Teaching all Nations: Interrogating the Mathean Great Commission.Eds Mitzi Smith and Jayachitra Lalitha. (2014, Minneapolis: Fortress)

Journal Articles

  • Sacrificing Health for Wellbeing: a Theological challenge of Sex Work as a livelihood option for poor women in Pietermaritzburg South Africa (In Journal of Theology for Southern Africa March 2006, issue 124).
  • When care becomes a burden: An African feminist Exploration for a Safe Space for Grandmothers caring for Orphans and Vulnerable children (OVCs).Journal of Gender and Religion in Africa. Vol. 18 No2. Special Issue (Dec. 2012).

Coming out soon!

  • The ethical and theological implication of Human trafficking: the Modern day Slavery
  • Reclaiming a safe haven: construction of a masculinity in overcoming sexual violence against elderly citizens
  • Integrating African Indigenous Religious knowledge systems into current ecological conservation strategies: Ethical implications for policy makers
  • The Ethical implication of migration on Liturgy: An African post-colonial perspective

Student Supervision (Honours, Master, PhD …)


  • Jeffery Njenje, “The Zimbabwean Indigenization and Economic Empowerment policy: An ethical analysis of policy implementation based on the concept of Ubuntu” Primary Supervisor
  • Thando Nkohla “An ethical investigation of the experiences of black African female lecturers in higher education and the Employment Equity Act in South Africa. Primary Supervisor
  • Margie Ssebunya, “Investors or Infesters: An ethical critique of the contribution of investors in Uganda’s mining sector to development and the state of environmental crisis”. Primary Supervisor
  • Elias Konyana, “When culture and the law meet: An ethical analysis of the Domestic Violence Law among the Ndau people of Zimbabwe”. Primary Supervisor
  • Keba Muko, An ethical analysis of the DRC’s mining policy in search of ethical gaps in prospective of exploitation of women and children by investigators. Primary Supervisor.
  • Nomatter Sande, Women and Economic Empowerment in Zimbabwe: A Theological Perspective. Co Supervising with Dr. Masondo
  • Ramawa Eliezer, “Investigating the efficacy of the ethical code of conduct in the Vhembe District Municipality in South Africa for effective performance. Primary Supervisor


  • Amos Luwaile, “Faith and Health: An Appraisal of the Work of the African Religious Health Assets Program (ARHAP) among Faith Communities in Zambia” Co Supervising with Dr. Lilian Siwila
  • Dumisani Nxumalo “An exploration of the possible role of the United Congregational Church in responding to the challenges faced by the legitimate recipients of the South African social grant: A case study of the social grant challenges in Harding”. Co Supervising with Dr. Herbert Moyo


  • Sophy Ndidiamaka Akpunonu-Ogu, “ Corruption in the Police force in Nigeria: An Afro-centric ethical critique (Degree award)