School of Religion, Philosophy & Classics

Suzanne Sharland

Suzanne Sharland


Senior Lecturer


Classics (Durban)


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Howard College Campus

Office Address

G016 – MTB

External Research Profile

Degrees Held

  • PhD (Cape Town)

Selected Publications

  • ‘Too sexy for South Africa? Teaching Aristophanes’ Lysistrata in the land of the Rainbow Nation’, pp. 121-141 in Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz & Fiona McHardy (edd.) 2013 From Abortion to Pederasty: Teaching Sensitive Subjects in the Classics Classroom Ohio State University Press (forthcoming)
  • Horace in Dialogue: Bakhtinian Readings in the Satires Bern: Peter Lang, 2010
  • ‘Ghostly Guests and Venomous Snakes: Traces of Civil War in Horace, Satires 2.8’ Acta Classica 54 2011: 79-100
  • ‘Soporific Satire: Horace, Damasippus and Professor Snore (Stertinius) in Satires 2.3’ Acta Classica 52 2009: 113-131
  • Horace in Translation’ Review article on J.D. McClatchy (ed.) 2002 Horace The Odes: New Translations by Contemporary Poets Princeton, Oxford: Princeton University Press pp. 312 ISBN 0-691-04919-X, and Colin Sydenham 2005 Horace The Odes: New verse translation with facing Latin text and notes London: Duckworth pp. xii + 287. ISBN 0-7156-3431-3, Scholia Reviews 17 (2008) 25
  • ‘Small Screen Rome’ Review article on Monica S. Cyrino (ed.) 2008 Rome, Season One: History Makes Television Oxford: Blackwell Publishing pp. 255. ISBN 978-
  • Review of Monica S. Cyrino 2005 Big Screen Rome Oxford: Blackwell Publishing pp. xiv + 274. ISBN 1-4051-1684-6, Scholia Reviews 16 (2007) 27
  • Review of Kirk Freudenburg (ed.) 2009 Horace: Satires and Epistles Oxford Readings in Classical Studies. Oxford: Oxford University Press pp. 518. ISBN 978-0-19-920353-6, for Scholia Reviews 20 (2011) 25
  • Review of Emily Gowers (ed., comm.) Horace: Satires Book I. Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2012. xi, 370 p. $40.00 (pb). ISBN 9780521458511, Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2012.11.11

Research Interests

  • Latin poetry of the Augustan age; Greek and Roman Comedy; Ancient Historiography; Ancient Egypt; Hellenistic Philosophy; Film Studies; Gender Studies