2022 Second Semester Intake Full Research Masters and Doctoral Programmes

The School invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to apply for postgraduate studies in the following fields:

  • Classics (HC)
  • Ethics Studies (PMB)
  • Philosophy (HC and PMB)
  • Religion (HC and PMB)
  • Theology (PMB)
    • African Christianity
    • African Theology
    • Biblical Studies
    • Catholic Theology
    • Christian Spirituality
    • Gender & Religion
    • History of Christianity
    • Ministerial Studies (Practical Theology)
    • Systematic Theology
    • Theology & Development
    • Greek
    • Latin
    • Classical Civilization

First-time Students undertaking full-time Research Masters or Doctoral Studies may be eligible for fee remission subject to applicable terms and conditions.

Online Applications can be made via the school’s application page: https://srpc.ukzn.ac.za/postgraduate-information/apply/

Application enquiries should be directed to the following person:

sq_0000_Alleyne Coleman
Alleyne Coleman PG Admissions Officer and School Office Administrator
033-260-6438 • Colemanad@ukzn.ac.za

105B Pietermaritzburg