School of Religion, Philosophy & Classics

Psychology and Religion: Bringing Healing in Church Spaces

The Ujamaa Centre within the School of Religion, Philosophy and Classics is engaging with the Church to address mental issues as a reality and to create awareness amongst clergy that are prone to triggers and stressors.

Clergy spouses are even more vulnerable by virtue of being anchored in the life of ministry. The well-being of these spouses is often unattended. They also navigate a complex layer of woundedness and brokenness. Ordinary people in the church also suffer from psychological and emotional struggles. Psychology enables processes that drive self-regulation which, in turn, necessitates healing.

 The combination of Psychology and religion when working within faith spaces offers a language and vocabulary that uncovers traumatic experiences. On the same wavelength, psychology offers empowering tools that solicit suitable intervention options whereby the church reimagines a healed society. Pastoral care support offers a springboard for support where issues are tackled, and ironed out, so that ministry becomes a life affirming vocation.