BA in Philosophy, Politics and Law (PPL)

The BA PPL is a coordinated programme of study culminating in the award of a BA (Philosophy, Politics and Law) degree. It offers a structured, yet flexible, programme with a focus on Philosophy and either Law or Politics or both.

PPL offers a good preparation for a wide variety of careers, but it is aimed especially at those considering a career in law, management, politics or public service, including the civil and diplomatic services and local government.

The combination of “Philosophy”, “Politics” and “Law” in the title of your degree indicates to employers not only that you are capable of thinking clearly, critically and independently and that you have well-developed problem-solving skills, but also that you are knowledgeable about political power, processes and institutions and about the legal system that regulates society. These competences are real advantages in today’s market place.

Admission to this degree is limited and requires a minimum of 30 UKZN NSC points (matric points).

For the structure of the degree, please refer to the College of Humanities Handbook: structured Bachelor degrees.

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