School of Religion, Philosophy & Classics

JTSA 173: July 2022



  • Editorial
  • Biographical Notes of Authors

The Contemporary Theological Project

  • Blessed are the Peacemakers? Why Peace and Reconciliation Processes can Perpetuate Violence
    Against Women
    Selina Palm & Elisabet le Roux


  • ‘Do this to Remember Me’: A Commentary on The Remembered Gospel
    Janet Lees
  • Socio-Ethical Wellbeing of People with Intellectual Disability in Black Communities: A Christian Socio-Ethical Study Conducted with People with Intellectual Disabilities in Katlehong
    Smache Josias Morobi
  • ‘Why Listen to the Africans?’: Biblical and Scientific Arguments for an African Cosmological and Epistemological Advantage
    Daniel Webster
  • How do Shepherds in the Malagasy Lutheran Church Describe their Way into Ministry?
    Hans Austnaberg

Book Reviews

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