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JTSA 172: March 2022



  • Editorial
  • Guest Editorial
  • Biographical Notes of Authors


  • Liturgical Transformation – Playing the Fiddle While the Planet Burns?
    Rachel Mash
  • Recovering Eucharistic Crumbs: Re-reading Mark 7:24-30 for Liturgical Renewal
    Gerald O. West
  • New and Renewed: Renewal of Baptismal Promisesin the Easter Vigil
    Janet Trisk
  • A Southern African Multilingual Hymn Collection: A Critical Reflexive Analysis
    Andrew-John Bethke
  • Music: Medicine of the Soul
    Josias Morobi
  • Worship as a Rule of Life
    Peter Houston
  • Liturgy and the Missio Dei: A Response
    Joseph S. Pagano & Amy E. Richter

Book Reviews

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