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Ethics Studies

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Ethics Studies deals in an inter-disciplinary way with behaviour, traditions and institutions that seek to foster that which is judged to be right and good by society’s main value-systems, drawing on historical, comparative, philosophical and scientific insights, with a strong emphasis on applied ethical issues. Ethics studies goes across all disciplines because Ethics is found in all disciplines. You can do your masters or PhD in Ethics in relationship to the academic field of your orientation. Currently we have students who are pursuing their PhDs in Ethics Studies from political, economic, environmental, cultural and business perspectives.

Structure of the Major

Semester 1

Semester 2

Level 1
ETHS101 Ethics 1: Applied Global Ethics (16)
One of:
ETHS102 Ethics 1: Life, Sexuality and Death (16C)
PHIL102 Philosophy & Ethics from Ancient to Modern (16C)
Level 2
PHIL203: Ways of Reasoning (16C)
ETHS204 Environmental Philosophy and Ethics (16C)
ETHS201 The Ethics of Power (16C)
Level 3
ETHS303 African Ethics and the Post-Colonial Condition (16C)
ETHS305 Professional Ethics (16C)
ETHS302 Ethics 3: Ethics in the Workplace (16C)
and either
ETHS304 Ethics & Literature (16C)
PHIL305 Philosophy and Society (16C)

Note: Students cannot major in both Ethics and Philosophy.

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