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Classics is in general terms the study of ancient civilisations, particularly those of ancient Greece and Rome. The discipline offers three study-routes, which can be followed independently or in combination through the BA and the BSocSc (General Studies) degrees: Classical Civilisation (the study of literatures, mythologies, art and archaeology, history and culture, with particular focus on aspects of the ancient Mediterranean world relevant to today); Classical Greek language and literature; and Classical Latin language and literature. In all these study-routes, students acquire skills of analytical and comparative thinking, articulate and intelligent use of written and spoken language, and broad cultural literacy.


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Classics: Classical Civilisation

The major normally consists of six Classical Civilisation semester-modules. Classical Latin and Classical Greek modules may also form part of the Classical Civilisation major, but credit for these modules cannot be claimed later for a major in Classical Latin or Classical Greek.

Structure of the Major

CCCV101 Classical Civilisation 1A (16C) CCCV102 Classical Civilisation 1B (16C)
CCCV201/203* (16C)
CCCV202/204* (16C)
CCCV301/305* (16C)
Additional Classics Module A** (16C)
CCCV302/306* (16C)
Additional Classics Module B** (16C)

*     CCCV203, 204, 305 and 306 will be offered on the Howard College Campus only.
**    On the Howard College campus these modules will consist of a research project, web site construction, or Latin and Greek language study.
*** The major in Classics will not be offered at Pietermaritzburg in 2014 only 1st and 3rd level modules.

Classics: Greek

Structure of the Major

CCGK101 Greek 1A (16C) CCGK102 Greek 1B (16C)
CCGK201 Greek 2A (16C) CCGK201 Greek 2B (16C)
CCGK301 Greek 3A (32C) CCGK301 Greek 3B (32C)

Classics: Latin

Structure of the Major

CCLT101 Latin 1A (16C) CCLT102 Latin 1B (16C)
CCLT201 Latin 2A (16C) CCLT202 Latin 2B (16C)
CCLT301 Latin 3A (32C) CCLT302 Latin 3B (32C)