Religion Studies (PG)

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About Religion Studies

As a core discipline (field) for the study of human belief and thought systems, Religion Studies introduces students to the main faith traditions such as African Religious Traditions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. It increases knowledge and skills with regard to the history of the religions as well as research into the latest socio-economic developments and challenges impacting on the religions and vice versa.

As religion is one of the fundamental social phenomena in society, Religion Studies engages students by focusing on: national and international concerns related to the debate of religion and conflict; the increasing and growing diversity in world cultures due to migration; the religious and secular moral and ethical systems and practices of peoples of the African continent; African systems of thought and perspectives on women, health, the environment, media and human rights.

Religion as a major is offered through BA and BSocSc (General Studies) and is a popular elective for Engineering, Legal Studies and Social Work students. The students will acquire skills of analytical and comparative thinking, articulate and intelligent use of written and spoken language, and broad cultural literacy.

Religion studies encourages you to think objectively about Religion in its broader meaning and brings greater understanding to the concept of “Unity in Diversity”, which is not only important within a South African context but also in the global village. Religion equips you with essential insight for whatever degree you engage in.  Religion majors work in the sectors of government, education, environmental sciences, NGOs, community development, social work, media and marketing, psychology and legal studies and academia. 

Degree Level: Postgraduate
Campus: Howard College & Pietermaritzburg Campus