Religion & Social Transformation

Contact information

Prof JA Smit or Ms Nalita Masiza

About Religion & Social Transformation

Religion explores more than one religious tradition and engages the phenomena of religion comparatively across and within cultures. It teaches students to examine and engage religious phenomena, including issues of ethical and social responsibility, from a perspective of critical inquiry and analysis of both the other and the self. The academic study of religion is an inherently interdisciplinary field of study, it draws together theoretical resources and disciplinary methods
from a wide variety of human and social sciences. 

Given South Africa’s recent emergence from colonialism and apartheid, this programme studies the past and current significance of our religions both in Africa and globally. It foundationally introduces students to the requisite research methodologies and theories and guide students to embark on their own research projects in areas
relevant to their own career paths. 

Furthermore, students are encouraged to engage and constructively embrace the plurality of our social constitution, learning to collaborate in important socially-responsible ways on social problems facing the nation. Throughout the course of study, students are also challenged to develop their own informed and learned positions on a variety of social and cultural issues faced by our country as well as our faith traditions and texts.

Degree Structure

1st semester: 16 + 16 + 32 C = 64 C
2nd semester: 16 + 16 + 32 C = 64 C

Degree Level: Postgraduate
Campus: Howard College Campus