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 Prof D Spurrett


Dr B Matolino

About Philosophy

Philosophy means the love of wisdom. Students of Philosophy explore ideas about our world and ourselves, examining them systematically and critically, in order to work out what we should believe. Philosophy gives you the opportunity to carefully question, think about, write about, and discuss fundamental aspects of your existence. At the same time it fosters essential skills in analysing, constructing and evaluating arguments, critical reading, problem solving, and independent thinking.

Core modules are indicated in bold

Structure of the Major

1st year
  • PHIL101 Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL102 Philosophy and Ethics – from ancient to modern (16)

2nd year

2 modules from:


  • PHIL201 Political Philosophy
  • PHIL203 Ways of Reasoning
  • PHIL205 Being and Knowing
  • PHIL206 Ethics: Knowledge and Values
  • PHIL212 Cognitive Science

3rd year

4 modules from:


  • PHIL301 Study of a Central Philosophical Problem
  • PHIL302 Cognitive Processes, Language & Consciousness
  • PHIL303: Issues in Ethical Theory (not offered at Howard College)
  • PHIL304 African Philosophy and Ethics(not offered at Howard College)
  • PHIL305: Philosophy and Society
  • PHIL306 History of Philosophy – Key Thinker/Episode
  • PHIL307 Philosophy of Mind (not offered at Howard College)
  • PHIL308 Study of a Contemporary Philosopher (not offered at Howard College)
Degree Level: Undergraduate
Campus: Howard College & Pietermaritzburg Campus