Philosophy (PG)

What is Philosophy?

Students of philosophy explore ideas about our world, and ourselves, examining them systematically and critically, in order to work out what we should believe. Philosophy means the love of wisdom. It is a critical examination of reality characterised by rational inquiry that aims at the truth for the sake of attaining wisdom.

Why study Philosophy?

Philosophy gives you the opportunity to carefully question, think about, write about and discuss fundamental aspects of our

Not only is the subject matter of philosophy interesting in itself, but philosophy gives you essential skills whatever your degree or career plans are: Philosophers work in industry, finance, government, education, science, and as lawyers, doctors, teachers, diplomats, bankers and managers.

Philosophy has for centuries been concerned with critically formulating and attempting to solve complex problems. In doing so, philosophers have developed analytic and verbal skills applicable to almost every problem: Analytic Skills: Philosophy teaches you how to analyse information, issues, cases, and situations; to break these down into component parts; to understand how the parts fit together to make the whole; and to sort out what is important from what is not.

Communication Skills: Philosophy teaches you how to make your point clearly, and concisely; and how to reason and argue
logically and convincingly. So, philosophy can make you into a more independent, analytical thinker who is good at solving problems and making decisions!

Degree Level: Postgraduate
Campus: Howard College & Pietermaritzburg Campus