School of Religion, Philosophy & Classics


The books appearing below were written or edited by members of the School of Religion, Philosophy and Classics at UKZN (or by members of the disciplines falling within that school at earlier times in the history of UKZN, the University of Durban-Westville or the University of Natal). Book titles link to publisher websites, and author names link to individual staff pages. If the book is by someone who is no longer with UKZN, the link points to her or his current affiliation.



Don Ross, Harold Kincaid, David Spurrett (Philosophy) & Peter Collins (Eds.)
What is addiction?


Everything Must Go Metaphysics Naturalized

James Ladyman, & Don Ross, David Spurrett (Philosophy) & John Collier.
Everything Must Go: Metaphysics Naturalized

Distributed Cognition and The Will Individual Volition and Social Context

Don Ross, David Spurrett (Philosophy), Harold Kincaid, and G. Lynn Stephens, (Eds)
Distributed Cognition and The Will: Individual Volition and Social Context


Martin Prozesky (Theology, Ethics)

A New Guide to the Debate about God


Philippe Denis (Theology)

Protestantisme aux frontières. La Réforme dans le duché de Limbourg et dans la principauté de Liège (XVIe – XIXe siècles)


Philippe Denis (Theology)

Les Églises d’étrangers en pays rhénans (1538-1564)