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Undergraduate Programmes

The following undergraduate majors and qualifications are offered:

  • Classical Civilisation (Howard College)

    Dr Adrian Ryan

    (031) 260-1307

    Ms Szerdi Nagy

    (031) 260-5834

    *Selected modules offered at Pietermaritzburg

    Classics is in general terms the study of ancient civilisations, particularly those of ancient Greece and Rome. The discipline offers three study-routes, which can be followed independently or in combination through the BA and the BSocSc (General Studies) degrees: Classical Civilisation (the study of literatures, mythologies, art and archaeology, history and culture, with particular focus on aspects of the ancient Mediterranean world relevant to today); Classical Greek language and literature; and Classical Latin language and literature. In all these study-routes, students acquire skills of analytical and comparative thinking, articulate and intelligent use of written and spoken language, and broad cultural literacy.


    7. Classics: Classical Civilisation

    The major normally consists of six Classical Civilisation semester-modules. Classical Latin and Classical Greek modules may also form part of the Classical Civilisation major, but credit for these modules cannot be claimed later for a major in Classical Latin or Classical Greek.

    Structure of the Major

    CCCV101 Classical Civilisation 1A (16C) CCCV102 Classical Civilisation 1B (16C)
    CCCV201/203* (16C) CCCV202/204* (16C)
    CCCV301/305* (16C)
    Additional Classics Module A** (16C)
    CCCV302/306* (16C)
    Additional Classics Module B** (16C)


    *     CCCV203, 204, 305 and 306 will be offered on the Howard College Campus only.

    **    On the Howard College campus these modules will consist of a research project, web site construction, or Latin and Greek language study.

    *** The major in Classics will not be offered at Pietermaritzburg in 2014 only 1st and 3rd level modules.


    8. Classics: Greek

    Structure of the Major

    CCGK101 Greek 1A (16C) CCGK102 Greek 1B (16C)
    CCGK201 Greek 2A (16C) CCGK201 Greek 2B (16C)
    CCGK301 Greek 3A (32C) CCGK301 Greek 3B (32C)

    9. Classics: Latin

    Structure of the Major

    CCLT101 Latin 1A (16C) CCLT102 Latin 1B (16C)
    CCLT201 Latin 2A (16C) CCLT202 Latin 2B (16C)
    CCLT301 Latin 3A (32C) CCLT302 Latin 3B (32C)
  • Ethics Studies (PMB)

    Dr Beatrice Okyere-Manu

    (033) 260-5582

    Mr R Sivil

    (031) 260-7129

    * Selected modules offered at Howard College

    Ethics Studies deals in an inter-disciplinary way with behaviour, traditions and institutions that seek to foster that which is judged to be right and good by society’s main value-systems, drawing on historical, comparative, philosophical and scientific insights, with a strong emphasis on applied ethical issues.


    Structure of the Major

    Semester 1
    Semester 2
    Level 1
    ETHS101 Ethics 1: Applied Global Ethics (16)
    One of:
    ETHS102 Ethics 1: Life, Sexuality and Death (16C)
    PHIL102 Philosophy & Ethics from Ancient to Modern (16C)
    Level 2
    PHIL203: Ways of Reasoning (16C)
    ETHS204 Environmental Philosophy and Ethics (16C)
    ETHS201 The Ethics of Power (16C)
    Level 3
    ETHS303 African Ethics and the Post-Colonial Condition (16C)
    ETHS305 Professional Ethics (16C)
    ETHS302 Ethics 3: Ethics in the Workplace (16C)
    and either
    ETHS304 Ethics & Literature (16C)
    PHIL305 Philosophy and Society (16C)

    Note: Students cannot major in both Ethics and Philosophy.

  • Philosophy (Howard College & PMB)
  • Religion (Howard College)
  • Bachelor of Theology (PMB)

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